Social network concept


Social Media can be quite daunting when you are starting to use it. The range of platforms, the terminology, the free guides widely available with a list of "dos and don'ts" can all add to the confusion. I provide Social Media Training at your pace,  to meet your specific requirements - so whether you are interested in using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or all of them for your business or organisation, I will tailor the training to your needs.

Learn to

  • set up your business page/profile on each of the social media platforms

  • understand how each of the platforms work and how and when to use them

  • select the most appropriate social media channel(s) to achieve your objectives

  • identify and reach your target audience, 

  • increase engagement and build relationships with your audience,

  • understand the role and value of content marketing

  • develop your own social media strategy

  • use the in-built analytics available from each social media platform to inform your decisions and achieve your objectives

  • and much more


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