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Social Media platforms should form a key part of your overall marketing strategy.  Each one offers the potential to reach a wide audience and can enhance your online presence and can help you develop new connections and generate new business. I can help you to formulate the most appropriate and effective Social Media strategy for your organisation, to meet your specific goals, and can assist in the launch, ongoing operations, and measurement of your social media activities through detailed analytics. 

Social Media can help you to grow traffic to your website, capture new leads, build strong relationships with your audience and become a trusted supplier.

I provide the following Social Media services:

  • strategic reviews of existing social media activities

  • Social Media strategic plan formulation

  • the launch, content management and (cross) promotion of your social media page(s).

  • social media analytics and reporting

Each Social Media platform has different advantages and allows you to reach your audience in different ways. I can help you to focus your time and efforts on the most effective Social Media channel(s) for your business or organisation. Contact me to find out how I can help you to build engagement with your audience today.​

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